In a world where people help each other travel safely, it’s important to understand what you do not know and affirm what you can do.  This quiz gives you a heads-up, eye-opener about life-saving actions to travel safely.  The quiz is not timed or graded. It’s just for you – because we care. Go at your pace, answer honestly. If you have taken the quiz before, try to mimic your original answers.

Keep your score. You will need it in the main Travel HEROES Safety Certification course to fill out your Traveler Profile.

Travel Safety Savvy Quiz for Certification

1. Do you read U.S. State Department country-specific safety information when planning a trip abroad?
2. Do you register your trip with the U.S. State Department?
3. Do you visit a travel clinic weeks before departure?
4. Do you buy travel medical and evacuation insurance?
5. Do you know the emergency numbers to call at your destination if you need an ambulance, police, or firefighters? (Hint: it's not 911 in most countries).
6. Can you ask for help and identify your location in the local language?
7. Is your personal health information translated into the local language?
8. Do your emergency contacts have Power of Attorney with active passports good for six months beyond the date of return?1
9. Do you know the location of the US EMbassy and how to contact them?
10. Do you store your documents electronically? (i.e. Passports, Credit Cards)?