World travelers need safety skills, tools, and contingency plans. We solve the problem of poor travel and tourism consumer safety with lifesaving Travel HEROES Safety Certification.

In Six, 10-12 min chapters this eye-opening course will help you learn:
— Country-specific Safety Information, Laws, and Customs
— U.S. State Department Smart Travel Enrollment Program
— Travel Medicine and Personal Health Records ‘in the Local Language
— Travel Insurance – How to Vet it and Why You Can’t Afford to Travel Without It
— Geography and Housing so You Know the Lay of the Land and Don’t Fall Victim to Poor Building or Fire Safety
— and Security and Communications so You Can Get Help When You Need It Most

Each chapter helps you create a personalized travel safety contingency and emergency action plan. So, you and your emergency contacts are ready if murphy’s law strikes abroad.

We run on Moodle – an open source “FREE” platform with 120M users in more than 120 countries.  MOODLE chose Depart Smart as a case study.