The etymology of the word travel literally means to toil, ravel, and journey.

Traveling is stressful, and peace of mind is priceless! Travel HEROES Online Safety Training reduces stress and helps your clients maintain their health and well-being. Your clients will appreciate having relocation support that includes safety when they move abroad. Provide cutting-edge comprehensive relocation benefits to your clients with award-winning Travel HEROES Safety Training, and save a life today.
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Did you know:

  • Psychiatric trauma is a leading cause of traveler emergency evacuation. WHO

  • Travel-related health problems have been reported in 22-64% of travelers who visit developing countries. CDC

  • About 90% of travelers do not protect themselves with vaccinations or travel medicine. TravelTrade.Gov

  • More than 70% of travelers are uninsured or under-insured. TravelTrade.Gov

  • It can cost more than $100,000 for emergency medical evacuation abroad. CDC

  • Prepayment for healthcare services may be demanded in foreign countries.

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