The etymology of the word travel literally means to toil, ravel, and journey.

Travel and tourism consumer safety policy has not kept pace with globalization. Travelers are unprepared and under-informed when they journey abroad.

Traveling is stressful. Peace of mind is priceless, so is life! Travel HEROES Safety Preparedness reduces stress and helps employees maintain their health and well-being. Your clients will appreciate having a workforce that returns safely and productively to work from trips abroad. Save lives, create loyalty, and directly impact a stronger bottom line with award-winning Travel HEROES Safety training.
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Did you know:

  • Psychiatric trauma is a leading cause of traveler emergency evacuation. WHO

  • Travel-related health problems have been reported in 22-64% of travelers who visit developing countries. CDC

  • About 90% of travelers do not protect themselves with vaccinations or travel medicine. TravelTrade.Gov

  • More than 70% of travelers are uninsured or under-insured. TravelTrade.Gov

  • It can cost more than $100,000 for emergency medical evacuation abroad. CDC

  • Prepayment for healthcare services may be demanded in foreign countries.

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