Be Your Own Travel HERO!

When your clients and employees travel abroad, life as they’ve known it fades away as they anticipate a magical experience filled with new culture, exotic foods, amazing scenery and high expectations.

When you buy Travel HEROES Safety Training you build the foundation for safe journeys creating your own magic and building loyalty. Imagine a world where they have the tools and skills to avoid risks and get the help they need in a timely manner, especially when life takes a tailspin.

BE THAT COMPANY that leads the world in comprehensive, award-winning, travel safety preparedness!  When your employees and clients are smitten by wanderlust, call us for a travel safety preparedness quote so they can come back safe and sound.

Travel HEROES is an eye-opener for even the worldliest travelers. “I had not idea!  I’m shocked!” they said. Destinations should be about secluded beaches, sunshine on mountain trails, and rewarding multicultural business meetings. Even the most intense wanderlust should be prefaced with SAFETY first.

Travel HEROES is a best kept secret shared amongst global travelers who know and care to Depart Smart. Add the Depart Smart seal of approval to your weathered suitcases to herald your ability to Travel like a HERO! Find out how.

Add some safety and security goodness to your bon voyage

Travel is an exciting enticement; Safety is all about luring in the people you care about most, so they take their safety and security seriously without being scared or nervous. We make it fun. It’s the right call to empower them with super skills and safety plans so they are very clear on what they need to know and do for safe journeys — and build a little excitement while they’re doing it.

Plus, imagine how your company will appear when you can say, “Travel HEROES work HERE!

Because everyone loves a happy ending

Buy Travel HEROES Safety training and share your love with the world. When you genuinely put safety first you become a firm of endearment.  Leave your workforce and clients spellbound with tales of heroic actions that save LIVES. You’re the subject-matter expert they turn to for safe journeys, the guru of going places prepared for anything.

One life is priceless – don’t miss the train

When inspiration strikes, it’s important to act right away.  People are traveling unprepared every day – they need to be ready by earning their Travel HEROES safety skills and cape! After all, nobody likes getting there only to discover they didn’t have the tools or resources to get the help they need, when they need it most.

Saving LIVES! Jump in!  Begin today. Ask us for a quote and get a FREE Travel Safety Packing List download.